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venerdì 6 agosto 2021

Liminal Ties Unveiled Virtual exhibition + JM Gallery, London - U.K.


Michele Bertoni "Liminal Ties Unveiled" J/M gallery, LondonJ/M gallery, London

Really happy to be involved in this amazing virtual exposition in United Kingdom thanks to Island To Island Art cultural group! The aim of the exihibition is "...to deepen the cultural knowledge of Sardinian art and culture, continues to be a fundamental theme, especially in this post-Brexit period. The 2021 exhibitions wishes to continue the discourse on remoteness and limitations related to the islands' environment, with the aim of opening a space for international artistic connections, in celebration of mutual heritage, cultural diversity and human connections. Sardinia is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea and one of the geologically oldest bodies of land in Europe. Its strategic position favoured historically a constant influx of populations generating organic exchanges of cultural traditions that are still present in contemporary life. Artists from different disciplines explore these connections by presenting their personally inspired works."

The virtual show will be available untill Oct 10th at this website but there will be also a physical show
in London at the J/M Gallery in Portobello Road from Oct. 2nd to 10th so, we will see there ;)

Here are the artists line up: Ana Maria Serna; Andrea Mameli; Bernadette Paddeu; Cat Coultier; Clay Ferrarese; Enrico Deiana; Gianluca Pisano; KV Duong; Laura Parker; Manfredo Weihs; Maria Senes; Maria Pasqua Scanu; Michele Bertoni; Rian Hotton and Susan Clare.

The show has been curated by Rita Carta Manias and Island2IslandArt project.

Michele Bertoni LIMINAL TIES UNVEILED 2021

I sent three of the recent "SpettrAnima Serie" jobs all 70x100 cms sized all realized on the 2021. 
First their official exposition :)
LIMINAL TIES UNVEILED 2021 Michele Bertoni

So, go to 'LIMINAL TIES UNVEILED' and enjoy this awesome project.
Michele Bertoni "Liminal Ties Unveiled" J/M gallery, London

Michele Bertoni "Liminal Ties Unveiled" J/M gallery, London

 Photos by Rita Carta Manias 2021.



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