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martedì 25 maggio 2021

"GÊ PŶR AÉR," by Raoul Moretti and Michele Bertoni, is out now!


GÊ PŶR AÉR by Raoul Moretti and Michele Bertoni

It's a pleasure to annunce you that the 2014's material called "GÊ PŶR AÉR" by Raoul Moretti and Michele Bertoni is finally out! 

2014's songs that me and my buddy Mr Moretti Raoul "the most unconventional italian harpist" have composed and arranged for commercials & jingles commissions and never published! 

Here them are! Out now! So, check 'em out choosing your fav streaming service from this page.

The three tracks are inspired by the three natural elements throught the ancient greek meaning: 

  • Air (Aér) 
  • Earth (Gê)  
  • Fire (Pŷr)
Harp's sound has been the primary item we worked on, than powerful epicism and slight 
brazilian mood on Pŷr, than ethereal ispiration for Aér, and Mother Earth about waves.
We had lot of fun putting this stuff out and we really hope you'll enjoy them as we still do!
It's not the first time that I worked with Raoul, on 2016 I'd enjoyed a lot preparing some music for his
"Harpness" album. We also, composed togheter for that project "Rebirth". 
If you like to read more about that experience go to this page.
So, go ahead and check "GÊ PŶR AÉR" out following >> this link << 
The cover came out from my water-colour interpretation of the three tracks ;) 
Feel free to drop me a line if you like ;)



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