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SpettrAnima for La Meravigliosa Busta di Messer Ulisse project, with pictures of 20+1 painted works, Vicenza, Italy. Music by Michele. 2024. ;)


Video by Giovanna Manca for "Harpness" cd by Raoul Moretti. Recorded on Feb. 2015.


Composed in 2015 with pictures of the 12 painted cardboards named "Cosmogonia
Hernandiana" Orihuela, Spain. Reading by Carlos Figueroa.

Filmed by TeleOrihuela in 2015 during "Cosmogonia Hernandiana" exposition at the Maria
Moliner library Orihuela, Spain.

Filmed in 2003 during "We care because you do" art show in Venezia Mestre.
Photos by Marcello Scanferla, sound recorded by Emanuele Wiltsch Barberio, edited in 2014 by me.

Filmed in 2012 during the Palabanda tribute reading in Cagliari.
Video by Ennio Madau.

Filmed in 2013 during the MaRaMiK jamsession in Cagliari.
Video by Michele Bertoni and Raffaello Regoli.

Originally filmed in 2000 during a solo exhibition in San Vito al Tagliamento Italy,
restored in 2013.
Video by Renzo Bertoni
Music "Suite de Concorde" by me Micciddiale music project.

Originally filmed in 2004 during Angelo Calleri's Kaliom solo cd recording
sessions in Venezia at PTO Studio, restored in 2013.
Video by Renzo Bertoni.
Music "Kuate leno leno Mahate" by Angelo Calleri and Michele Bertoni.




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