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lunedì 20 novembre 2023

Magazén 2006 2012 music archive.


Michele Bertoni's Magazén

Since 2015 I'm thinking to bring out to the light these materials composed from 2006 to 2012 about.
It has been just a question of final mixing and most important: how to put it on the digital stores.
Fixed 'em out, so, I'm really happy to announce you that you are finally able to enjoy these old 
shit world wide through: Itunes, Spotify and the common stores.
All the tracks I composed are played by me but in some of them I invited some guests such 
as my love Daniela Furcas on "Calcolato",  the Sardinian poet Mr Peppino Fois on "Poèssia" 
and the Maestro of the Experimental Voice in Italy the stunning Mr Raffaello Regoli on "Korale" 
that, also composed it with me: what a honor, man!

"Magazén" is a 15 tracks work that collects stuff I composed for events, theatres and radios 
commissions, art exihibitions, performances and happenings
So, this is one of the reasons why this music, could be comes slightly unconventional to you!
Anyway, wear your headphones and pump up the volume!
As you're my blog visitor, I would like to gift you some of the 
tracks and also all the covers I realized for "Magazén" and all the lyrics.
Take it easy and download them out and please, feel free to let me know. 
Thanks a lot!
PS: Magazén was a ancient venetian language word that, during the medieval era, meant: 
a filthy room where rogue persons had some rest with prostitutes drinking wine and eating 
poor quality fish dishes...today it means just a dirty warehouse!  

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