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martedì 23 marzo 2021

SpettrAnima serie

Spettranima Michele Bertoni
"Spettranima Lampo" 2021, mixmedia on cardboard, cms 70x100

Since 2015, I'm working hard on "Spettranima" serie, such kind of introspective journey around 

signs, colors, calligraphies, ancient languagies letters, old sea navigations maps and mine most

important thing at the moment: the Soul sismography recording throught out my automathic writing. 

I started just with rough drawings on recycled paper's sheets than going down to sexstant 

and navigation maps representation, some kind of sign-travelling

More after, I was able to set up more big sized work so, I worked over cardboard using acrilic 

colors, graphic pens, colored pencils and indelible ink.

My ispiration about "Spettranima" serie has been always sismography or encephalography or

electrocardiogram writing.

I had the pleasure to transform an automathic and mecanical sign into a soul-descriptor writing!

By the way, here they come to you, enjoy and please let me know if you like them ;)

As you can imagine many of "Spettranima" serie jobs are available into the Mic's Shop :)


spettranima michele bertoni pittore
"Spettranima Omega" 2021, mixmedia on cardboard, cms 70x100

spettranima bertoni michele artista
"Spettranima B" 2017, mixmedia on cardboard, cms 36x49

Michele Bertoni spettranima opere pittura
"Spettranima Nero Radio" 2017, mixmedia on cardboard, cms 49,2x36,2

michele bertoni pittore artista spettranima
"Spettranima Omega" 2017,mixmedia on paper, cms 70x100  

spettranima bertoni michele
"Spettranima Quadro Nero" 2019, mixmedia on paper, cms 70x50

spettranima bertoni michele pittura
"Spettranima Terra v2" 2018, watercolor on paper, cm.36x24,5  
Spettranima - Michele Bertoni artista
"Spettranima 712" 2021, Mixmedia on Paper - cms. 70x50

"Spettranima Keh Ca" 2021, Mixmedia on Cardboard, cm.100x70


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