venerdì 19 ottobre 2018

Dancing to the Sun

Michele Bertoni artist Blog

Dancing to the Sun, the Mediterranean Sun of course!
An July late afternoon, overlooking the Sea, the Med sea of course!
Singing to the Ocean, the Waves, the Fishes and to the Sun: supreme God
of all the Animals, Humans included of course!

Photos by my love Daniela Furcas, somewhere
in the Cagliari's gulf that we love to call "Golfo deli Angeli" (Gulf of the Angels).

Go further for watching all the project's pics ^_^

Enjoy, and if you like please, drop me a line.


sabato 14 gennaio 2017

Graniti Grafici

Sometime I love to spend time "digging up" old folders from my archive.
Yesterday, I find somethings that have captured my eyes so, I would like to
show 'em all to you!

Michele Bertoni Granito Grafico
"Granito Grafico n°L6/9" 2013, cm 35x50 indian ink and pencil on paper

So, please, let me introduce you "G R A N I T I  G R A F I C I" (graphics granits).
They are many so, in this post I prefer to put just some of them. I think that probably
they came out for some projects around childrens toys or some playgrounds in some place
around Italy...but sorry I don't remember more than these infos...
I did them during late 2013's summer taking inspiration from the Sardegna island most
ordinary stones: granitic stone. Here they can have such amazing colors from pink to grey
in a huge scale of mixing palette and as you can imagine, I love to observe them for hours.

venerdì 11 novembre 2016

Expo at Museum Palacio Sorzano de Tejada, Otono Hernandiano 2016

Oct. 17th - Nov. 17th 2016, Museum Palacio Sorzano de Tejada Orihuela Spain

Really happy to let you know that I've received the invite for taking
part of an important exhibition with other artists from whole around 
the world in Miguel Hernandez poet's city Orihuela, at the prestigious
Museum Palacio Sorzano de Tejada...such a great honor dudes!


martedì 8 novembre 2016

Associazione Sarda Miguel Hernandez

20 e 21 ottobre 2016, Cagliari - Caffè Savoia, Mediateca del Mediterraneo,
Università di Cagliari Facoltà di Lettere.

Dopo l'appuntamento del novembre 2010, del 2011 durante il Festival Marina
Cafè Noir e quello ad Orihuela (Esp) nel marzo 2015 la nostra associazione
dedicata alla divulgazione dell'opera del poeta alicantino Miguel Hernandez
torna per un tributo congiunto oltre che al nostro anche a Federico Garcia Lorca
nell'isola di Sardegna per l'esattezza a Cagliari confermando la grande passione
e reale affetto per questo grande uomo-poeta morto durante il franchismo in
Spagna, in prigione, nel 1942 a soli 32 anni.

lunedì 29 febbraio 2016

Harpness by Raoul Moretti is finally out!

Really happy to let you know that new cd "Harpness"
by the Unconventional Harpist Raoul Moretti is finally out!

harpness michele bertoni raoul moretti

One year long of partnership with one of most innovative harpist in Italia...

Harpness is available NOW on ITunes and Amazon check it out!
If you are interested on get your copy, feel free to drop me a line ^_^

martedì 21 luglio 2015

Cosmogonia Hernandiana

@ Orihuela, Espana - March 2015

It has been a great experience to stay in Orihuela city the Miguel Hernandez's city!
Amazing people hosted us as one huge family for days. So, I'd like to thank Ana and
Manuel Roberto Leonis for first! Big hug to Carlos Figueroa and Antonia Ferrandez:
without your lovely help, support and friendship, guys, nothing of all this could be happened!

martedì 28 ottobre 2014

Improvising Mandolin recording session.

As me and my wife Daniela run Ca' del Sol, a bed and breakfast in Cagliari's downtown
sometime we have the great opportunity of meeting really special guest!
This time we have both enjoyed Dominik Grenzler staying!
I've played mandolin for his new experimental music project improvising...some notes ;)