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lunedì 29 febbraio 2016

Harpness by Raoul Moretti is finally out!

Really happy to let you know that new cd "Harpness"
by the Unconventional Harpist Raoul Moretti is finally out!

harpness michele bertoni raoul moretti

One year long of partnership with one of most innovative harpist in Italia...

Harpness is available NOW on ITunes and Amazon check it out!
If you are interested on get your copy, feel free to drop me a line ^_^

This friendship has started in spring 2015 between Como and Cagliari.
I written "Rebirth" track which is some kind of new-birth concept-music
around "how to play" harp in the 2015's: a bit of tradition and a bit of marked manipulation
through eletronics. I've also arranged and played on: "Sharpness" - "Obliviousness" -
"Breakaway" - "Sweetly Violent" and "Hazy Ideas".

michele bertoni harpness detail raoul moretti

Raoul is some kind of visionary-musician and really open-mind harpist with an absolutely
no-borders approach to the music composition. I guess he is the man that will lead the harp
into new possible music worlds in Italia. So, I've been flattered and grateful to Raoul for
choosing me as partner in this adventure around the Harp-ness!

harpness raoul moretti cd michele bertoni

On Harpness you will listen, also, to Marco Tuppo, Erica Scherl, Valerio Corzani,
Walter Demuru, Diego Soddu and Gianluca Murru collaborations. Inlay photo cd by
Giovanna Manca. Mastering by Mr Paolo Siconolfi.

raoul moretti michele bertoni harpness

If you would like to discover more about the Unconventional Harpist Raoul Moretti,
please visit his official website or his facebook account.

harpness moretti bertoni

This is the video that Moretti with Giovanna Manca has edited on Sharpness.
Enjoy dudes and if you like to leave a comment just do it!
Otherwise you can, also, write me directly from here ^_^

As follow some important reviews from the web, please, check 'em out:
Velouria (italian).
Estatica Enciclopedia della Musica Italiana (italian) by C.Milano.

Buy Raoul's Harpness on ITunes

Listen Raoul's Harpness on Spotify



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