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lunedì 18 gennaio 2021

Old music collaborations waves are now available!


Kaliom by Angelo Calleri

Really happy to announce you that "Kaliom" the 2004 Angelo Calleri's solo-album and 

"Racconto: Binario 1943" the 1999 music improvisation with Angelo Calleri and Marcello Scanferla 

are available now, on-line finally!  

Angelo has been, with me, involved in Bondage prog-rock band project during the middle of the 90's,

Marcello was the "sound-master" of that experience so, we worked together 'til the middle of the

2000's producing a lot of stuff. 

These publications are some kind of mile-stones for me so, you can understand 

how happy I actually feel!

"Racconto: Binario 1943" was recorded live during a music performance dedicated to the Mestre

(Venice city modern area) second world wide war years history. So, painfull atmospheres, heavy

sounds and dozens of samplers drove out. It was commissioned by the Laboratorio art-factory on 

the 1998's winter and it was published as 100 copies hand-numered cd.

So, now you can listen (or maybe grab your digital copy) to this page.


"Kaliom" is the brilliant Angelo Calleri 2004's solo-album built with songs written down 

with me from 1995 to 2004. It was produced, recorded and mixed by him, me and 

Marcello from 2002 and 2004.

Many musicians helped Angelo on this project such as: Francesco Clera (percussions), Ezio 

Casalini (classical guitar on "El Brujo"), Marco Bagaggiolo (acustic guitar), Xenia Giordani 

(fisarmonica and flute), Michela Longhin (choir), Astrid Pozzo (lead vocal on "Inno alla Valle"), 

Mauro Bonicelli (violin), Massimiliano Lupo and Marco Serena (saxophones). 

It was recorded in Venice at Pto Studio of Marcello, some kind of musicians wonderland 

in the doges's city. So, please, check Kaliom out and, feel free to let me know 

if you like it ;)

I'd like to show you, also, the Kaliom backstage footage, I'm sure: it make you smile!

I'm going to Mic's Shop!

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