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domenica 5 maggio 2024

La Meravigliosa Busta di Messer Ulisse

la meraviglio busta di messer ulisse michele bertoni

World has been raped out by two of most blooding wars of the last 80 years! Ukraine and Palestine are totaly distroyed! What's a pity for the human being! Still war in 2024! Humanity never learn the lesson! I'm feeling really sad and depressed! Suddenly, Emergency and the Incipit guys sent me an invitation for doing something...
On april the 21st 2024 they put on the amazing "la meravigliosa busta di messer ulisse" project: 54 artists prepared 20 + 1 artworks A4 (21cmx29cm) sized, for 108 envelopes. Just one message: P E A C E.

It became an engaging exhibition but, most important, the 108 envelops has been sold in 18 minutes for Eur 20 each! The day after, 2160 euros have been wired to Emergency! 

Less or more "la meravigliosa busta di messer ulisse" cutted the cortine out for a peace-sunday in Vicenza city!

Here are some picture of my job, of the exhibition and I arranged a video to show you up how things gone!
Many more pictures about the exihibition are available on the Collezione Effimera blog. Hope you'll enjoy it!

Feel free to drop me a message if you like!

Peace and Love!

SpettrAnima - 20 Nun - Michele Bertoni

SpettrAnima - Alf A - Michele Bertoni


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