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martedì 21 luglio 2015

Cosmogonia Hernandiana

@ Orihuela, Espana - March 2015

It has been a great experience to stay in Orihuela city the Miguel Hernandez's city!
Amazing people hosted us as one huge family for days. So, I'd like to thank Ana and
Manuel Roberto Leonis for first! Big hug to Carlos Figueroa and Antonia Ferrandez:
without your lovely help, support and friendship, guys, nothing of all this could be happened!

My job "Cosmogonia Hernandiana" has been realized during the winter of the 2015
between Cagliari, Madrid and Orihuela. It consists in 12 cms 36x50 painted-cardboards
contained in a calf leather folder. The subject was the Miguel Hernandez poems.
After a ceremony in the town-hall, "Cosmogonia Hernandiana" has been donated to the
city council for whole of the citizens of Orihuela.
During may and june it has been exposed at the Moliner library in the old town.
So, if you're travelling on the southern of Spain why not to get to Miguel Hernandez's city?
You will visit a really wonderful city plenty of really great people!

As follows the videos about: the press conference during the special event "Marzo
Hernandiano 2015" with the artist Marco Adami who has painted an incredible murales
in the old Orihuela's Sant'Isidro district; the Maria Moliner library exposition.

Hope you will enjoy them and if you like leave a message!


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