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martedì 28 ottobre 2014

Improvising Mandolin recording session.

As me and my wife Daniela run Ca' del Sol, a bed and breakfast in Cagliari's downtown
sometime we have the great opportunity of meeting really special guest!
This time we have both enjoyed Dominik Grenzler staying!
I've played mandolin for his new experimental music project improvising...some notes ;)

Dominik is an inspired music alchemist from Germany based in Zurich, you can easily
find some waves here and also visiting his blog. As he has written in his blog, the mandolin
session was not just an improvised recording (thanks a lot for the privilege to play for
you Domink) but also an interesting chat about the history of this particular instrument.
Hope to share with you soon the matter of this sounds and noises I've played for him.

As follow some photos by Dominik Grenzler about a funny evening at my home.

M.B. 10.2014

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