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martedì 6 agosto 2013

InSonar - L'Enfant et le Ménure finally out!

June 30th 2013
"L'Enfant et le Ménure"
by Claudio Milano and Marco Tuppo's InSonar project is out just now!

I've co-written "10 Bambini Cacao"playing guitars and bass and arranged playing on "Warszawa" Bowie/Eno's cover guitars, bass and synth. I've also arranged "La Torre più Alta" playing mandolin and 12-strings acustic guitar.

Hope you will enjoy it. You can purchase "L'Enfant et le Ménure"direct from Milano's Facebook page.

InSonar is a Marco Tuppo and Claudio Milano project which involve musicians like Elliott Sharp, Trey Gunn, Pat Mastellotto, Walter Calloni, Ivan Cattaneo, Nik Turner, Dieter Moebius, Thomas Bloch, Ralph Carney, Dana Colley, Graham Clark, Nate Wooley, Mats Gustafsson, Paolo Tofani, Alfonso Santimone and many others in a open and experimental research around Milano's voice mixed through the Tuppo's tecno/ambient sensibility .
It is a 2setCDs released with a 48 pages booklet with a limited hand numbered packaging.



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